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As believers sometimes we are placed in positions of not only sharing knowledge of The Bible but also wisdom through The Holy Spirit. These opportunities give us as witnesses of The Testimony of Yeshua HaMashiach time & space to show how the mind of Christ approaches daily living, circumstances, and sensitive topics. The Biblical Perspective also sheds light on dark areas of life that are in direct opposition to God’s Word. As ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, we are salt & light, therefore bringing Truth according to The Holy Scriptures to show how we as believers think, how we see the world, and approach situations, not through a carnal mind, but a peaceful mind grounded in the stability of our foundation in Christ, Who has shown us how to live by God’s Holy Standard through His Ultimate & Great Example.

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Someone recently presented the following question:


What is your opinion on Pro-Free Speech/Pro-limited regarding states like Texas & Florida that seek to ban children from drag queen shows and possibly get CPS involved if parents take the kids to see them?  


I’m not into politics and I’m not a Christian…I say this as the term is thrown around loosely and is misrepresented to further agendas, but true believers of The God of Israel were never called Christians…I’m a follower of YeshuaJesus Christ. I obey God’s Word and live to His Holy Standard. I am a Jew inwardly (spiritually). Therefore, I stand apart from the world while standing with and for Christ.

Christians (including those in government) are actually modern-day Nicolaitans. They believe in God but they also live by the world’s standards and ideologies. They are not the same as followers of Christ who are the children of God.

It’s important that I make the distinction, for my answer is at the root of a foundation in Christ.

Therefore, I don’t think it’s appropriate to expose children to adult behavior that they are not ready to fully understand. Let children be children.

We as humans have the right to speak but in these times, that right is slowly but surely being constrained…it’s all about control and keeping people from Truth which encompasses freedom.

While society is engulfed in politics, social, and economic issues warring against one another while confusing and victimizing the children there’s a bigger picture that goes unseen. When it’s revealed our society will be unprepared and most will be willing to conform to policies and orders that are already in place but have not been enforced yet to avoid persecution.

In any event, to answer your question…

Too many people don’t know or don’t want to accept that certain “lifestyles” that are acceptable now in our society were diagnosed as mental illness issues decades ago.

Everyone has choices and they are going to choose what they want to say, think or do…there may even be laws put into place but it doesn’t mean that it’s morally right or acceptable to everyone.

Why is it normal for some to incorporate drag queen shows into children’s activities? Drag queen shows are adult entertainment. Years ago the only way to see this type of show was for an adult to pay to get into a club hosting the show…it was never made nor meant for kids.

Pedophilia is running rampant now more than ever because our modern times have many influences from ancient pagan cultures that our society still celebrates today that involved children in inappropriate acts through festivals, celebrations, rituals, etc. Just research the root of holidays like Valentine’s Day and Saturnalia aka Christmas for example.

As far as I’m concerned this country needs a complete overhaul because of what our democracy is built on. Regardless of state or political party, it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things because all sides are in opposition to God’s Word, and that to me is a bigger issue than whether one state or another approves or disapproves of strange behaviors.

The government’s enforcement of taking away freedoms or tearing families apart is the opposite of God’s Word. God is so good He doesn’t force Himself on anyone. He allows us the freedom to live and choose light or darkness, righteousness or unrighteousness. Nevertheless, we have a choice but it’s important to know we will all be held accountable for our choices when we stand before Him.

God is True Love and the family structure and also marriage is the mirror image of the Unified nature of God and His people.

However, God views strange behaviors as abominations and He does not accept what is unholy even when it masquerades as a “good” or “beneficial” thing. Just as drag queen shows are presented as “good” or “beneficial” when it is not appropriate according to God’s Word.

Even if our government takes the moral high ground on one issue, they don’t stand for righteousness on other issues. But it’s all under the guise of The Bible, having knowledge, yet knowing nothing of holiness because they don’t truly know God.

Children should not be exposed to inappropriate strange behavior that causes confusion and drag queen shows or storytimes fall under that umbrella.

Attempting to remove children from their parents will cause trauma and is not an acceptable option. In this instance, I suppose they are gauging this as harmful behavior/mental & emotional abuse to the kids because of this exposure.

The perceptions of many are twisted & distorted and have been handed over to their own minds because they are lovers of themselves. They unfortunately don’t see these types of perversions as strange. Hence, the influx of parents exposing rather than protecting.

So when children become victims of pedophilia, society doesn’t see the connection between these adult behaviors that seek to include children now. Opening kids up to sexuality before the appropriate time and season to make conscious decisions as adults can create a domino effect of regret, shame, suicide, insecurities, confusion (as mentioned), etc. Again, children have only one period of time to be kids and have a childhoodallow them that opportunity and experience.

CPS should be busy protecting & advocating for children that are in danger and need a safe haven from abusers.

CPS is not a tool to be used because the government doesn’t agree with parents‘ choices. If that were the case CPS could be involved with most families because not everyone is going to agree on all viewpoints and some don’t align with the government’s “line of thinking” whether on the side of red or blue.

It would be a better option to not inflict trauma on children by removing their security within the family structure. Instead sharing The Gospel and explaining why this behavior is inappropriate and what it leads to physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It would offer at least the opportunity for parents to acknowledge a different perspective and concentrate on providing an atmosphere of child-friendly activities and experiences that are not tainted by adult behaviors that directly deal with sexuality and lifestyles.

In closing, parents should love, protect, guide, and help navigate their children presenting an appropriate example to them; raising them up in the way they should go.

To do this we must have the right to speak freely.

Providing as parents the foundation and structure for kids to benefit and also be a benefit to others in their own lives.

For true believers…our structure is built on the foundation of Christ.

Some will attempt to offer their own form of direction albeit dysfunctional but again we will be held accountable according to God’s Word.

The government’s perspective on tearing down the family structure is evidence that their goal or intention is not to benefit the people as a whole, but rather a dictatorship to project distorted views that will ultimately benefit the only ones that matter in their eyes…them.

Thanks for your question.

All the best.

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As believers, we can make a difference, whether by acts of kindness, partaking in conversation, or simply answering a question, these events are opportunities to show what the mind of Christ looks like. Thereby, applying Biblical principles to circumstances we face in our everyday lives and daily living.

Matthew 19:14
But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”
Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.

May we be as humble and trusting as a little child.

Be holy for He Is Holy.

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