Q&A Forum | Say What You Mean

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Our word means nothing without action. Action and consistency builds trust. Consistency is maintained with discipline and trust is sustained with self-control. It would do us well to remember the importance of being ambassadors of The Gospel of Christ for our example [as we follow Yeshua]Continue reading “Q&A Forum | Say What You Mean”

Who Are You?

Just because you look like a certain demographic does not mean you’re the same. You may have similar experiences because by design you can be inadvertently caught up in the injustices of stigmas, assumptions, biases, and prejudices in the world. For as much as the world has its own divide through segregation more of classContinue reading “Who Are You?”

Q&A Forum | Lying to Gain Favor

Oftentimes lies are told without the full understanding of the overall scope of the effects deceit can cause. Lies can tear families apart, sever ties in friendships, destroy characters, and in the most severe cases…cost lives & souls. It would do us well to remember the importance of being ambassadors of The Gospel of ChristContinue reading “Q&A Forum | Lying to Gain Favor”

Q&A Forum | Hiding Love?

The journey of love should be one of joy. An expression of the wholeness in joining together in a complete unified partnership. It should be something that we as people are excited to share and proclaim. A new foundation is being built that is projected to last a lifetime. When we build our foundation ofContinue reading “Q&A Forum | Hiding Love?”

Q&A Forum | Obsessive Adolescent Behavior

  Childhood is a delicate time period…where memories begin and nurturing wraps itself around the foundation of the molding of who a person becomes. Guidance, direction, wisdom, love, and knowledge shift the trajectory of a child’s life. As parents, we want the best for our children and never want to see them in a positionContinue reading “Q&A Forum | Obsessive Adolescent Behavior”

Q&A Forum | Divorce & Broken Homes

The separation or breakdown of the family structure, their lives, and their way of life is never easy. Oftentimes it isn’t even understood. Yet, it is a sensitive issue of the utmost importance that needs attention and a sifting through to find a new way of life. It is always the hope that families canContinue reading “Q&A Forum | Divorce & Broken Homes”

Q&A Forum | Boundaries vs. Inappropriate Attire

Modesty is evidence of the breakthrough of the stronghold of vanity. As followers of Christ both male and female, we must all take into account not just our character & decorum but also how our Christ-like traits translate through our appearance. In following the Example of our Messiah King Yeshua, modesty is also a gaugeContinue reading “Q&A Forum | Boundaries vs. Inappropriate Attire”

Q&A Forum | Kids Exposed to Adult Behavior

As believers sometimes we are placed in positions of not only sharing knowledge of The Bible but also wisdom through The Holy Spirit. These opportunities give us as witnesses of The Testimony of Yeshua HaMashiach time & space to show how the mind of Christ approaches daily living, circumstances, and sensitive topics. The Biblical PerspectiveContinue reading “Q&A Forum | Kids Exposed to Adult Behavior”

Q&A Forum | The Impact of a Father Figure

One of the many wonderful attributes of drawing near to God is the ability to spend time with our Father in Heaven as He draws near to us. We are taught through His Holy Spirit; resting peacefully on the Rock of our Foundational Cornerstone, our Messiah King Yeshua. Through our Unified God and King, weContinue reading “Q&A Forum | The Impact of a Father Figure”

Q&A Forum | Co-Parenting Imbalances That Cause Marital Conflicts

One of the many traits of a believer is having the ability to be a wealth of knowledge. Having the ability to be resourceful and a good listener; a strong, loyal, and reliable support to those who seek direction, guidance, and clarity. We don’t boost on our own accord but indeed, joyfully proclaim the GloryContinue reading “Q&A Forum | Co-Parenting Imbalances That Cause Marital Conflicts”