No One’s Perfect?…Really?…

“Who are you to judge?” “You’re not perfect…nobody’s perfect.” Many of us are familiar with the above statements whether through saying them or hearing them. However, we as believers must always gauge our concepts of thought according to the measure of God’s Holy Standard. When we dive deep and get alone with God in aContinue reading “No One’s Perfect?…Really?…”

A Passover Message | Adam and the 8th Day

Shalom! Praise The Lord saints! Please enjoy this new upload, “A Passover Message | Adam and the 8th Day“, exploring the miracle in the 8th day and its sacred meaning as well as the significance of new beginnings. May the Covenant People of God come together & rejoice in the Memorial and Remembrance of ourContinue reading “A Passover Message | Adam and the 8th Day”

Q&A Forum | Action Louder Than Words

God’s Word is of the upmost importance and is the standard His people live by. Therefore, we follow the Example [The Action] of Yeshua in holding firm to keeping our word. Following Christ allows us to keep our integrity and character intact and shows the level of respect we have for our God & King,Continue reading “Q&A Forum | Action Louder Than Words”

Welcome | LCM Media Center

Welcome to the LCM Media Center, featuring the LCM Library and LCM Music! These new additions are established to give all glory, honor, and worship to YHVH, The Almighty. These creative outlets are not only an additional resource to believers but opens up the opportunity for the ministry to pursue humanitarian efforts to not justContinue reading “Welcome | LCM Media Center”

Q&A Forum | Say What You Mean

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Our word means nothing without action. Action and consistency builds trust. Consistency is maintained with discipline and trust is sustained with self-control. It would do us well to remember the importance of being ambassadors of The Gospel of Christ for our example [as we follow Yeshua]Continue reading “Q&A Forum | Say What You Mean”

Who Are You?

Just because you look like a certain demographic does not mean you’re the same. You may have similar experiences because by design you can be inadvertently caught up in the injustices of stigmas, assumptions, biases, and prejudices in the world. For as much as the world has its own divide through segregation more of classContinue reading “Who Are You?”