Is There a Key to Long Life?

Today’s question is…Is There a Key to Long Life?And the answer is…YES! In Proverbs chapter 3 verses 1 and 2 the scripture reads:My son, do not forget my law,But let your heart keep my commands;2 For length of days and long lifeAnd peace they will add to you. As you can see there are threeContinue reading “Is There a Key to Long Life?”

Are You Attending The Dress Rehearsal?

In this time and season of The Lord’s Feasts according to Leviticus 23. I am writing to bring focus to those in the 7 churches (Rev. 2 &3) that are outside of The Will of God and outside of His Everlasting Covenant because they reject Truth by their conduct and embrace the false. (1 JohnContinue reading “Are You Attending The Dress Rehearsal?”

Is It Possible to Live Perfectly?

Is It Possible to Live Perfectly?The Answer Is…YES From the world’s view, this may seem like an impossible feat. Proposing that one would have never made any mistakes in life and would have to continue living in this fashion…Which no one has done…that is until Yeshua HaMashiach. The only One to truly be sinless andContinue reading “Is It Possible to Live Perfectly?”

Worldly Judgment vs. Righteous Judgment

Have you ever brought correction to someone in biblical context, citing scripture only to be asked, “Who are you to judge?” with a cherry-picked reference of taking the speck out of your own eye? Surely, this is common phrasing that many have heard and said but few truly understand. It’s funny how those in theContinue reading “Worldly Judgment vs. Righteous Judgment”

Are You A Christian or A Follower of Christ?

For many of us, we grew up in or came into the Christian religion from other beliefs or backgrounds. Many of us embraced the fluent terms, titles, denominations, and any other traits that we identified with whether we knew the fullness of details surrounding such traits or not. Surely, it’s a common thing to trustContinue reading “Are You A Christian or A Follower of Christ?”