The Plague of Humanity

The plague of humanity is an inevitable course of action by mankind in an attempt to be like God and if given the chance be God. The plague of humanity just as all things has a root cause and effect. The effect this plague has had on mankind is very clear. In Matthew 24, weContinue reading “The Plague of Humanity”

The Warning

It is no secret that society faces a systemic downpour of famine, war, and political & social influences that at face value instigate sensitive issues among the people. At the same time, behind the scenes the overseeing structure is much more unified than preceived; thriving from a civilization divided. Where there is no unity…the peopleContinue reading “The Warning”

The Misconception of Our Authority in Yeshua

In Romans Chapter 4 with key verses, 1 through 4 and 16-22 the Word details Abraham being justified by Faith. In this passage, the definitive role of the believer is stationed at the feet of our God who is the Head. Verses 1 – 4 reads:1 What then shall we say that Abraham our fatherContinue reading “The Misconception of Our Authority in Yeshua”