Breaking The Cycle of Toxic Relationships

Often times perpetual choices go unnoticed until it becomes a cycle of overwhelming negativity. At that point, the attention of most will be stricken and then some will go into action to focus on a positive resolve and solution to stop the cycle. Others may justify engagements with questionable reasoning while being complacent. Even ifContinue reading “Breaking The Cycle of Toxic Relationships”


Imagine having a Revelation of Jesus Christ….imagine the relief of reading God’s Word and living the first moments of understanding and knowledge…Imagine the freedom of peace and joy; fulfillment and assurance. Dark clouds give way to vibrant blue skies. The feeling of no longer being alone; knowing you are saved by The Blood of TheContinue reading “BREAKING THE CYCLE OF SINFUL PATTERNS”

The Essence of Forgiveness

There’s no doubt that offenses are unfortunately a part of life. Sure, it doesn’t make it any easier to accept or understand, and yet those of us who are familiar with the Holy Scriptures at the very least know that forgiveness is essential. But what is the essence of forgiveness? Is it merely enough toContinue reading “The Essence of Forgiveness”