Did You Know? Paul…The Advocate & Contender

Paul was a contender of the Faith. He constantly had to refute communities and groups with distorted views on how to conduct themselves, Nicolaitan ways, and how to worship God in proper Biblical Hebraic context. Paul’s letters are primarily a rebuttal to the churches with these mindsets and misunderstandings of The Holy Scriptures, which areContinue reading “Did You Know? Paul…The Advocate & Contender”

Is It Possible to Live Perfectly?

Is It Possible to Live Perfectly?The Answer Is…YES From the world’s view, this may seem like an impossible feat. Proposing that one would have never made any mistakes in life and would have to continue living in this fashion…Which no one has done…that is until Yeshua HaMashiach. The only One to truly be sinless andContinue reading “Is It Possible to Live Perfectly?”