Did You Know? The Sabbath Day in Proper Biblical Context

The Sabbath day is the 7th day and is a Day of Ceasing. Those of us who have had a Revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach as our Messiah King & Savior Who Is Salvation; Son of God the Father, Who is God the Son, the Eternal High Priest & Shepherd Who will return in this LastContinue reading “Did You Know? The Sabbath Day in Proper Biblical Context”

The Danger of Profaning God’s Perpetual Covenant

The warnings of God have been perpetual from the beginning. The Lord’s lovingkindness has remained with His people throughout time. Surely, in the midst of chastening, there is comfort, in the midst of warning, there is safety. Our Good Father allows us the choice to take heed or go our own way. Those who areContinue reading “The Danger of Profaning God’s Perpetual Covenant”

The Priestly Blessing

As the time draws near to Sabbath which begins on Friday at sundown, may we remember that Shabbat is indeed The Lord’s Day. It is His Day of Rest which He has given as a gift to man to be kept throughout all of our generations. Sabbath is a holy & sacred time that shouldContinue reading “The Priestly Blessing”