Did You Know? Paul…The Advocate & Contender

Paul was a contender of the Faith. He constantly had to refute communities and groups with distorted views on how to conduct themselves, Nicolaitan ways, and how to worship God in proper Biblical Hebraic context. Paul’s letters are primarily a rebuttal to the churches with these mindsets and misunderstandings of The Holy Scriptures, which areContinue reading “Did You Know? Paul…The Advocate & Contender”

New Year’s Celebration Roots are Pagan

(Disclaimer: Apologies, in my attempt to record a YouTube video about this topic I had several technical issues over the course of 7 hours on Dec. 31st and so, I find myself sharing with you here. I can only hope that although this is after the time. I pray that in reading this you mayContinue reading “New Year’s Celebration Roots are Pagan”