Q&A Forum | Hiding Love?

The journey of love should be one of joy. An expression of the wholeness in joining together in a complete unified partnership. It should be something that we as people are excited to share and proclaim. A new foundation is being built that is projected to last a lifetime. When we build our foundation ofContinue reading “Q&A Forum | Hiding Love?”

15 Weird Things About Halloween

Believers Beware. Today, I’ll be discussing 15 Weird Things About Halloween. So, let’s get started: According to Dictionary.com: Hallow means to:honor as holy…to make holy or sacred, to sanctify or consecrate, to venerate. In the late 1800s, there was a move in America to mold Halloween into a holiday more about community and neighborly get-togethersContinue reading “15 Weird Things About Halloween”

Q&A Forum | Illusion and Abusive Relationships

Love can be complicated. However, with a foundation in Yeshua our Messiah, God’s Word provides the standard, wisdom, and knowledge to understand in an easy and light way, the complexities of variables that influence detrimental factors to sustaining and maintaining a healthy relationship & marriage. Love is kind. Love compromises. Love is patient. Love isContinue reading “Q&A Forum | Illusion and Abusive Relationships”

The Danger of Profaning God’s Perpetual Covenant

The warnings of God have been perpetual from the beginning. The Lord’s lovingkindness has remained with His people throughout time. Surely, in the midst of chastening, there is comfort, in the midst of warning, there is safety. Our Good Father allows us the choice to take heed or go our own way. Those who areContinue reading “The Danger of Profaning God’s Perpetual Covenant”

Stop Preserving Garbage Connections with Trashy People

Wow! That was harsh : / Well, in this last hour of the age we can’t afford anymore to sugarcoat the realities of sinful behavior and treatment. Bad company corrupts good character according to 1 Corinthians 15:33-34. Many believers naturally wear our hearts… [The Love of Christ] on our sleeves. Others guard it until trustContinue reading “Stop Preserving Garbage Connections with Trashy People”

Breaking The Cycle of Toxic Relationships

Often times perpetual choices go unnoticed until it becomes a cycle of overwhelming negativity. At that point, the attention of most will be stricken and then some will go into action to focus on a positive resolve and solution to stop the cycle. Others may justify engagements with questionable reasoning while being complacent. Even ifContinue reading “Breaking The Cycle of Toxic Relationships”


Imagine having a Revelation of Jesus Christ….imagine the relief of reading God’s Word and living the first moments of understanding and knowledge…Imagine the freedom of peace and joy; fulfillment and assurance. Dark clouds give way to vibrant blue skies. The feeling of no longer being alone; knowing you are saved by The Blood of TheContinue reading “BREAKING THE CYCLE OF SINFUL PATTERNS”

Praise God in Times of Trouble

Most people are no stranger to troubled waters. The raging winds and turbulent waves are like obstacles in life’s journey. Like a lone fisherman on a 25-foot sailboat named Faith in the middle of the deep seas; Peter was also in the midst of the waters but he was not alone…just as we are notContinue reading “Praise God in Times of Trouble”

Apostasy – Have You Gone Rogue?

Accounting is essential. At some point in our lives, we have to take into account our actions, our traits, the effects of life’s circumstances that cause reactions and words that are said to which we will have to give an account; as we all will be held accountable for the works we do in thisContinue reading “Apostasy – Have You Gone Rogue?”